Outdoor Wi-Fi network things to look for when setting up

One of the first things you should do when setting up a network for your Wi-Fi outdoors is obviously you gotta find out and look for the best places to put your outdoor router equipment.  Probably the most critical part is this you want it to be as clear and open as it can be from point to point to get the best signal.

One thing many people forget about when they set up their outside router they understand that it is outdoors and may get wet. But also their outdoor router connection, the wiring, put it somewhere to make sure that it cannot get wet or get humid over time. Obviously those things can really screw up your system and cost you a lot of money,  also don't forget you need a surge protectors even though it's uncommon to have surges here in the states it certainly can happen and you wanna make sure to not lose all your equipment from a power surge.

As with anything else if you want the very best outdoor router it's gonna cost you some money.  but you gotta make sure that you have industrial grade mobile modems and industrial high gain antennas that go with your outdoor router. 
ou're dealing with because you're gonna be outside with the elements outdoor routers can be used with mobile phone connections as well as the fiber optic which is obviously better and cheaper.

Guess the final thing to say here is make sure that the wind or conditions don't rip these outdoor router down or change directions.  To  many people put things up and forget about the fact they can get windy and gusty and when that happens it changes the directions of things and then their Internet either goes out or is it extremely slow. So make sure and put the stuff up and make it sturdy and make it weatherproof and accept the fact that they'll be blowing wind and or snow that could be on it and then melt and degrade your system over time it's really gotta be bulletproof good luck with that we have some ones here for sale that work great they're not that expensive you wanna take a look at our outdoor router and Wi-Fi systems click here

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