Why is my Wi-Fi slow

For many people they don't really know that their Wi-Fi is slow until their kids come home then the kids complain about it being slow.   you don't really know why,  let me tell you some common reasons here.

Probably the biggest thing I've seen is people don't put routers where they really should be. your main router should be in the center of the house. I know everybody says that, but have you ever considered putting it above your ceiling. if you have one story house of course then it covers the entire area.

Also not all routers are the same,  there are really fast ones and mediocre ones most of the ones that you get with your internet service are garbage quite frankly. you were looking for an ax3000 for instance that's super fast your kids will love it for their gaming.

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Now if your house is laid out weird you want to make sure of one thing don't put the router next to metal objects metal things remember the waves have to go through walls have to go through things the less obstructions the better how many people. Like me used to put the routers next to the washer and dryer so nobody can see it bad deal remember line of sight will make it faster.

Have your kids do it but have them walk around the house with their laptop and check out the internet speeds in every room and then you can have them move it around as well to see the fastest speeds.

If you have dead spots no matter what or you have really slow areas you might consider what's called Wi-Fi extenders some people call them wi-fi boosters Wi-Fi amplifiers. the bottom line is they help increase the signal in the areas where it's weak as anything else the more expensive usually the better look at the details or have your kids look at it .

There's a whole Myriad of ideas and things you can do to make your Wi-Fi more powerful. if you don't really care set up the router plug it in you're done otherwise if you want gaming and things specifically their things like we have here to speed up the Wi-Fi signal I'll put a link right here for one of our most powerful which is the ax3000 so good luck if you got any questions let me know.

And lastly sorry for my grammar but my hands don't work very well so I have to use voice recognition

Lastly if you have any problems or questions put them here and I'll kindly respond to him thank you have a great day

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