About Us


Hi welcome to our site.  We wanted to make a site that was easy to navigate and understand what options you have in the wireless wi-fi extender and router environment.

We are located in Chiefland, Florida where the warehouse is,  as well as we ship from other areas, the shipping sometimes can take two or three weeks, don't worry, you get a tracking number instantly.  If you have any questions at all there is a phone number of 772-480-1589 that comes directly to me, the owner Scott.  I'll be more than glad to answer any of your questions.  Again we are using the Shopify system which means if you don't like what you get you get your money back there's really no risk whatsoever though we've never had anybody in recent memory not receiving their product.  They sometimes say they can't use it or it doesn't work for them,  that's OK,  but I hope this is helpful to you.  

Below is a list of different nonprofits that help our veterans,  please feel free to visit those as veterans are near to my heart,  my father my grandfather my great grandfather were in all the World War One World War Two and Korean wars.




Right Side Fishing 


Hookin Veterans

US Vet Connect